We’ve all been there.

The kids are bouncing off the walls, dying to get their gross motor needs met. Going outside and running around is an obvious answer, but maybe that isn’t an option for whatever reason or the kids need a little more structure to their gross motor play. Either way, the kiddos are trying to get their needs met. And you are trying to keep your sanity and the house intact.

Time for some gross motor movement music!

Gross motor play is such a vital part of a young child’s development and truly something that needs to be part of every kiddo’s day. Gross motor play is when children learn the coordination to run, jump, skip, hop, balance and so much more. They literally crave the movement that practices and develops these skills and kiddos kind of feel like they are crawling out of their skin if they can’t get those gross motor needs met.

Which is no fun for anyone……So let’s just dance it out.

Gross-motor movement songs are an *awesome* way to get those wiggles, jiggles, and large muscle movements that your kiddos need out when the weather or circumstances have you trapped inside. They are also wonderful for adding some new organized fun to outside gross motor play. The children can dance as big and wild as they want outside, but the rhythm or lyrics in the song offer them some guidance to their play. I use movement music as a regular part of my daily classroom routine and love enjoying them at home with my daughter.  Gross motor movement songs encourage the stimulation of large motor play in an organized and engaging way! The house stays intact, the kids get that large muscle group movement they are dying for and you can even get a fun workout in if you opt to join in the fun (which you totally should).

These are all songs you can buy & download separately. If you are more of a CD person, I have included my favorite children’s movement CDs at the end of the post!

  1. Going on a Bear Hunt by Greg & Steve
  2. Silly Out by Hap Palmer
  3. Animal Action by Greg & Steve
  4. 5 Little Monkey by Hap Palmer
  5. We Are The Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner
  6. Shake Your Sillies by Hap Palmer
  7. The Freeze by Greg & Steve
  8. Ready, Set, Move by Greg & Steve
  9. I Have A Little Bicycle by Marylee
  10. Bean Bag Dance by Greg & Steve
  11. Baby Shark by Pink Fong

My Favorite Children’s Movement CDs

  1. Kids in Motion by Greg & Steve
  2. Can A Jumbo Jet Learn the Alphabet by Hap Palmer
  3. Move and Learn by Various Artists

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