Meal planning can be such a game changer in helping you eat healthier, know what to buy at the store, save money and reduce food waste. If you hate meal planning, I have done all the work for you with this 10-day Spring Meal Plan that is veggie-loaded at every single meal!

Cover of Spring veggie-Loaded Meal Plan. A white surface with spring vegetables and fruit on the bottom, all in a shade of green.

Veggie-Loaded Spring Meal Plan

Okay TNNers, it has been a WILD weird spring for us all. Twists, turns and life frankly feeling a bit upside down. I ALMOST didn’t make a Spring Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan because I truly didn’t know if it was something my community needed.

But I started getting oodles of emails from YOU. Emails saying YES, YES WE NEED THIS and sharing how my Winter Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan helped you save money and sanity while still serving up delicious veggie-loaded meals to your families. So, by popular demand, here is the Spring Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan. 

Why is meal planning helpful?

Because it not only gives you a game plan for the week ahead, but it helps you know exactly what to buy each week when shopping. No more forgotten-about veggies rotting in the crisper. No more aimlessly staring into the fridge, trying to figure out what the heck to cook for dinner. Meal planning is one of my favorite healthy living hacks and I am so a believer in it.
Buuuuttttt….meal planning can also be a giant pain and something we simply don’t want to do, have time for or know even where to start. Especially when it comes to veggies

A picture of Black Bean Veggie Enchilada Bake
Black Bean Veggie Enchilada Bake

So, I’ve taken the effort out of Meal Planning and done the work for you!

What is veggie-loading?

“Veggie-loading” is adding vegetables into meals and recipes in all sorts of different ways. 

What is the purpose of veggie-loading?

While veggie-loading is about adding more vegetables into your family’s diet, it is also meant to expose your family to vegetables in many different ways so that they can find their favorite ways to enjoy more vegetables.

Why does veggie-loading help people eat/love more veggies?

Because veggie-loading repeatedly brings vegetables into every meal. Research shows that repeated exposure to vegetables helps people (children and adults) develop a taste for veggies.

Spring Lentil Curry

Veggie-loading helps to not only get repeated exposures of vegetables in at every meal, but uses various techniques for presenting a vegetable so that people can find their favorite way to enjoy lots veggies and develop a positive relationship with them

In this veggie-loaded spring meal plan, you’ll find

  • 10-days of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes/ideas that are veggie-loaded with seasonal produce
  • Tips, tricks and food for thought on how to make this meal plan fit your life and your family
  • 22 recipes total, 15 of TNN’s best, tried-and-true, family-friendly veggie-loaded recipes + 7 meal plan EXCLUSIVE recipes not available on my site.
  • A printable shopping list for you to take on the go
  • Printable guide to seasonal fruits and veggies so you know what to stock your house with.

It’s basically like sitting down with me and planning out your family’s meals for the next 10 days together. It’s how I plan. It’s how I cook. And it’s how I veggie-load my family’s meals.

Now go and get it!

Garlic Asparagus Pasta and Sausage