It’s easy being green! Naturally green foods are not only fun, but can be super healthy when they get their beautiful color from green veggies! These recipes are not only fun, kid-friendly and tasty, but are also good for you!

Somehow…it is March already.

That baffles me, but that is beside the point. 

Here is something else that baffles me:

Nature makes some of it’s best, most nutrient-dense, healthiest foods beautiful and bright shades of green. Kale. Avocado. Spinach. And that is just to name a few. 

YET…..when it comes to St. Patrick’s day, everything is dyed green with fake  food dyes! A bit ironic, since the major symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is a big green shamrock…the lovely green of nature.

The beauty of nature’s green foods is that they also make for wonderful natural food dyes! Here are some amazingly beautiful, vibrantly green real food dishes that only use the glory of nature to get their lovely color!

Looking for ways to have spinach on hand for some of the recipes listed below? Or how to make sure leftover spinach doesn’t go to waste? Check out my tips & tricks for keeping spinach fresh all week!

Oatmeal Green Smoothie Muffins

Hulk muffins? Monster Muffins? Gecko muffins? Whatever your kid calls these super healthy muffins, they are going to become a regular in your house! So easy to make and so delicious! Perfectly sweet, soft and packed with healthy greens! They are naturally gluten free, dairy free, naturally sweetened, and loved by all…especially kids!

Green Spinach Bagels

These naturally green spinach bagels are the perfect way to get veggies in at breakfast or to dazzle your green-loving little one! Made with whole grains and requires no boiling, they will be a healthy breakfast recipe staple.

Green Grinch Smoothies

You don’t have to be a cook to make a fun green treat your kids will adore! This Green Grinch Smoothie is a healthy treat your kids will love! Easy to make and fun to drink, this smoothie is wildly kid-approved!

Broccoli Tots

These gluten free Broccoli Tots are easy, delicious, and a veggie-loaded version of the classic tot so many of us grew up on. The combo of broccoli with cheese is the perfect flavor combination. You and your family are going to love these!

Green Smoothie Nice Cream

Ice cream just got a healthy little makeover in the form of Green Smoothie Nice Cream! All the frozen fun of traditional ice cream but made with just 3 amazing real food ingredients (spoiler alter: one of them is a veggie!), this healthy dessert is DELICIOUS, full of plant goodness and it comes together in a matter of minutes in you blender or food processor! Plus, it is Paleo friendly, dairy-free, vegan and just stinking yummy!

Banana-Spinach Pancake Pizza

This Banana-Spinach Pancake Pizza is the perfectly delicious way to serve up veggies for breakfast and get kids excited about greens! Sweetened entirely with fruit and loaded with spinach. Paleo, gluten free, and dairy-free.

Oatmeal Green Smoothie Waffles

These green smoothie waffles are easy, delicious and full of vegetables! A healthy breakfast to stock your fridge or freezer with that is super kid-approved. Naturally gluten free and dairy-free

Green Veggie Eggs

I’m sure that if you have ever picked up a Dr. Seuss book, my inspiration for this recipe needs no explaining. If you have not, I highly recommend reading Green Eggs and Ham as an appetizer to this meal. Heck, read it before eating this even if you have read that book a few million times. It will only make these eggs taste better.

Creamy Zucchini Smoothie

Zucchini in a smoothie? Yep, that can totally be a thing! A great way to use up your end-of-summer squashes or a delicious blend to get extra veggies in, Creamy Zucchini Smoothie is dairy-free, Paleo, and the perfect breakfast or snack for a busy day!

Paleo Green Smoothie Donuts

These Paleo Green Smoothie Donuts are the perfect and fun way to get veggies on the breakfast menu! Mixed entirely in your blender and naturally sweetened with bananas, they are loaded with beautiful spinach and full of squeaky clean ingredients. Get ready, because you are about to level up your veggie-loaded breakfast game!