While I love my cookies, cocktails, and truffles as much as the next girl, I also am very mindful to practice balance in my eating habits. So, when I can find a treat that is the perfect combination of indulgence and health, I get pretty excited. And that is exactly what these Kombucha Floats are.

Think of kombucha floats as a healthy new twist on classic root beer floats. The flavor combination of the kombucha with coconut ice cream will dance on your taste buds while also enhancing your gut health! They are the perfect quick treat to whip together for yourself on a hot summer evening or to serve to a crowd at a gathering.

If you are new to the glory of kombucha, allow me to introduce you to a household staple of mine! Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea that is loaded with probiotics, aids in digestion, and helps reduce inflammation. It is slightly effervescent and has a very distinct taste. Kombucha can have a sweeter tang or be true to its tea roots with a milder earthy flavor. Some people love kombucha. Some people hate it. Most people hate it at first and then love it after they give lovely kombucha a chance or two. All of its health benefits make it worth giving it a few tries and I suggest trying a variety of flavors before deciding if kombucha is meant to be a part of your healthy lifestyle or not.  

I first heard of kombucha floats while chatting it up with one of the tap girls at my favorite local kombucha bar (yes, those are a thing). She mentioned enjoying one on a vacation and it sounded too ridiculously refreshing, easy, and healthy to not try myself.  All it took was 2 minutes (literally), one float and I was hooked!

The creaminess of the coconut ice cream complements that tang of whatever kombucha favor you use and possibility for flavor combinations between the kombucha and ice cream are truly endless! Make your own coconut ice cream or kombucha or buy a decent brand at the store to enjoy these floats on a whim. Naturally paleo, dairy-free, and vegan, these kombucha floats are the perfect easy dessert to serve to a crowd with a variety of eating styles.

Is kombucha safe for kids?

I get this question a lot and its a totally valid one. Kombucha does contain a very small amount of alcohol (about 0.05% and less than there is in over the counter cough syrup) and there are a lot of varying opinions about whether it is safe to give to kiddos. I’m going to be honest here and remind you guys that I am just a well-read mama and not an expert on any medical matter. So, my first piece of advice on this matter is to follow your intuition. If YOU feel like it’s not okay to give your child kombucha because of the small alcohol content or because something about it feels off to you, then don’t do it no matter what I or anyone else says. I opt to give kombucha to my daughter because of the probiotics and amazing benefits to her gut health. She has never had a negative side effect to drinking kombucha and I have never had a reason to worry that giving it to her is going to do anything but create health.  If the alcohol content concerns you, there are plenty of tasty kombucha brews sold in stores that have removed the alcohol and are great kiddo options.

Makes 1 float


  • 1 ¼ cups of kombucha (pick the flavor you like best)
  • 1 large scoop (about ½ a cup) of vanilla coconut milk ice cream


1.     Pour the kombucha into a tall glass. I liked using mason jars, but also found glasses with wide mouths helped to minimize mess!

2.     Float the coconut milk ice cream on top of the kombucha.

3.     Enjoy with a straw, spoon, and smiles. 

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