Looking to find out how to store spinach so it stays fresh all week long? You have come to the right place! Here are tips, tricks and storage hacks for keeping this healthy leafy green fresh for days!

Spinach is a versatile vegetable that can be added to so many dishes and recipes for a boost of green goodness. Plus, it is something many people in many places can easily find at their grocery store all year round.

It is one vegetable I always have on hand for quick veggie-loading and is in many of my recipes. (check out spinach-loaded recipes for kids)

However, a question that I often have sliding into my email and DMs on Instagram is how to properly store spinach so that it doesn’t wilt or get mushy in just a few days.

I don’t know about you, but shopping every few days isn’t something I have time for. So keeping the spinach I get during my weekly stock up fresh is a must for making sure I have a staple family veggie on hand for meals.

Why does spinach go bad so quickly?


Veggies by nature have a high water content (how much varies from vegetable to vegetable), so when it comes to how to store spinach so that it stays fresh, we are working on keeping the moisture in the container you are storing the spinach in as minimal as possible.

How to store spinach

What you’ll need

  • A big container with a lid
  • Sheets of paper towels ( I usually do 2-3 stacked on top of one another. If you have an extra large container, you might need more)

How long does the spinach stay good?

It can vary based on how fresh the spinach is when you buy it, but this method almost always keeps my spinach fresh in the fridge for 5-7 days (and sometimes longer).

Step 1: Line the bottom of your container with dry paper towels

An empty container with a layer of paper towel at the bottom.

Step 2: Layer your dry spinach in the container on top of the paper towel.

Dry is the key word here. The paper towel is there to absorb the moisture naturally released from the spinach and slow the rotting process. However, if you put wet spinach in the container, the towel will become full of that water and won’t be able to absorb extra moisture. So make sure your spinach is as dry as possible before putting it into the container.


If you are using an extra large container (such as the big plastic tub many people buy spinach in) put half of the dry spinach on top of the paper towels lining the container and then add a second layer of paper towels on top. Layer the remainder of the spinach on top of that.

A container of spinach with a paper towel.

Step 3: Remove any bad leaves

You want to avoid putting any leaves of spinach that might already be starting to rot in your container. These will let the rot process start into the container and will cause the rest of your spinach to go bad much faster.

Hand holding rotting spinach removed from container of fresh spinach

Step 4: Close the lid and store spinach in the refrigerator

Spinach is okay out at room temperature for a while, but to keep it fresh and slow the rotting process, you definitely want to store it in the fridge for the week.

a container of spinach in a person's hands

How to keep spinach dry

I personally don’t wash my spinach until right before I use it so that I don’t introduce any extra moisture to the leaves.

However, if you must wash the spinach before storing it, make sure you put it away extra dry.

Many people find a Salad Spinner (affiliate link) to be a great tool to help get all greens (not just spinach) super dry.

If you aren’t in a rush and like to keep kitchen gear to a minimum, simply lay clean spinach out on a dry towel and gently place another clean dry towel on top of it. Then let it hang out for a bit. The two towels will absorb the most of the moisture and the air will do the rest of the work.

Change out the paper towel as needed

If you notice the paper towel in your spinach container is quite wet, change it out for a fresh dry one. This will help ensure that your spinach stays as dry as possible and, thus, fresh longer.

Best containers for storing spinach

There are TONS of containers to store your spinach in. Some a specifically designed for keeping veggies freshers as long as possible and others are more versatile and can be used for storing other foods. Here are a few:

OXO Produce Keepers

If the paper towel thing sounds like more work than you want to commit to, this container might be a handy purchase for you. The way the container is designed naturally keeps moisture that typically accumulates in a storage container from touching the spinach. It comes in various sizes (depending on how much spinach you want to keep) and works well with other leafy greens too, such as kale, lettuce, chard, collards, and herbs.

Large glass storage container(s)

This is personally what I use and love that I can use the container for foods other than just greens. They come in varying sizes depending on how much spinach (or other food) you want to store.

The plastic container the spinach comes in

If you buy your spinach in a plastic bin already, you can just use that container for storage! Just dump out the spinach, dry the container well, then line with paper towel and pop the lid back on.

Since these tubs typically contain a good amount of spinach, consider putting half the spinach on top of the first layer of paper towel. Then putting another layer of towel down before adding the rest of the spinach. That way there is enough towel to absorb the moisture from the large amount of spinach.

The best spinach recipes

Okay, so now you have the freshest spinach on the block all. week. long!

But, maybe you need a little inspiration on HOW to put that spinach to use in your family’s meals. Here are some of my favorite (and readers’ favorite) spinach recipes.