Mmmmmmm. My kitchen smells like the holidays. Warm. Cozy. And with just the right blend of sugar and spice. Kind of like this festive recipe for gluten free and dairy free Gingerbread French Toast.

Drooling yet? I sure was as these suckers cooked and waiting for them to cool enough to eat was almost more than my family could bear.  It was a wonderful way to start a chilly (well, as chilly as it gets here in San Diego) Saturday morning….with a freshly brewed cup of coffee on the side.

French toast is just one of those classic breakfasts I remember waking up to on weekend mornings as a child. French toast is one of those awesome yet curious kind of dishes….pancakes meets toast, if you will. It was such a treat to wake up to a warm piece of french toast on my plate and making this lovely breakfast food is a tradition I carry on with my family.

And the holidays are definitely a time for treats and traditions. And if they can be healthy and clean, than the holidays sparkle just a bit more. Which is why I revamped traditional french toast to be a bit cleaner, a bit healthier, gluten free, and loaded with festive flavors for the holiday season.

Gingerbread goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season and was essential for making a breakfast dish worthy of Christmas morning in my house. So I got to work infusing the flavor of gingerbread into a traditional french toast recipe with a few twists to make it dairy-free, naturally sweetened, gluten free and easy…..of course.

Making this recipe gluten free was easy. I just reached for my favorite gluten free bread, Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse. I’m mildly in love with their 7-Grain bread at the moment and *always* have a loaf hanging out in my fridge or freezer. Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse is my favorite because it is the only gluten free bread I have found that actually stays soft at room tempature and makes for a great sandwich in those lunch boxes. Plus, their ingredients are all things I can pronounce and recognize (my rule of thumbs for label reading). 

The gingerbread french toast mixture comes together in minutes in your blender and just wait until you guys smell how this french toast make your house smell while its cooking. You’ll be fighting off your family with a spatula too. Top these easy-peasy festive beauties with some lovely seasonal fruit (I like pomegranate seeds and persimmon slices) and a little drizzle of maple syrup and a new Christmas morning breakfast traditional will be born.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse for sponsoring this post! My promise to you, my readers, is to only promote content and products that I truly believe in and buy myself. All opinions stated in this post are my own.

Makes 8 slices of french toast



  1. Combine eggs, coconut milk, vanilla, pitted dates, molasses, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg in blender. Run until smooth and dates are well chopped. Pour into a pie dish our other shallow dish.
  2. Place bread in french toast mixture. Soak bread for 30 seconds. Flip over and then soak the other side for 30 more second.
  3. While the bread is soaking, heat skillet or griddle over medium heat and melt coconut oil.
  4. Once oil is hot, add soaked bread to the skillet (you may have to do just two or 3 pieces at a time, depending on the size of your skillet or griddle). Cook each side of the bread for 2-3 minutes or until it starts to brown slightly. Flip and cook the other side for another 2-3 minutes.
  5. Enjoy warm and often. Happy holidays! 

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