Veggie-Loaded Love


Veggie-Loaded Love is an ebook consisting of 20 gluten free recipes that will help you get veggies into your life and into the bellies of those you love most. Using creative, out-of-the-box and even downright sneaky methods, Veggie-Loaded Love offers up meals that the whole family will enjoy and will help in making veggies a mealtime staple.

Hi there. I’m Taesha!

I am the wife, teacher, mama and blogger behind the real food recipe website The Natural Nurturer. I am so thrilled you are considering buying this ebook and I deeply hope it will inspire you to work more veggies into your diet in lots of different ways! My “why” for starting The Natural Nurturer was to help busy people, like me and you, find ways to make real healthy food doable in our lives. My recipes are simple and most are pretty quick, but they are loaded with flavor and goodness that you can feel good about feeding yourself and those you love.

As you probably already know, veggies are kind of a big deal when it comes to health, but it is often the one food group we struggle with getting enough of. Especially when there are kids involved. That is my “why” behind this eBook. To help you load up your food with veggies. To help you find creative, out-of-the-box ways to get your family excited and open to eating a veggie-loaded diet that will truly help pave the way for optimum health. It is something I feel so passionately about.

Truth be told, I didn’t always love veggies the way I do now. And it wasn’t from a lack of exposure to them in my youth (oh, how my parents tried and tried to get me to eat spinach)…I just didn’t find them appealing. But when I drastically changed up my diet in my early 20’s (you can read about that here), I started forcing myself to eat vegetables. And then I discovered that there some veggies I really do love. And I learned that other veggies grew on me with time and opportunity. So I kept eating those veggies….and experimenting with HOW I made them part of my life.

Pretty soon, vegetables were not just part of my diet…they were a part of every meal. And not always in a salad. Or steamed and served on the side. Or even roasted. Veggies started showing up on my plate in many different, creative (and sometimes downright sneaky) ways.

And now as a mom, wife, teacher and blogger….I veggie-load pretty much all of the food I feed to those I love.

And helping you do the same thing is what this eBook is all about.  To help YOU veggie-load the food you feed to those you love! To give you inspiration, unique ideas and recipes that will painlessly get veggies into every meal….meals that your family will happily eat and help them feel you veggie-loaded love.