Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan:


Time to simplify meal planning, load your family’s plates with seasonal veggies in recipes they will LOVE, and make it all happen while still living your busy life!

This Veggie-Loaded Spring Meal Plan is a 10-day guide to getting delicious seasonal veggie-loaded meals on the table and into your life. Every recipe was made with your busy family in mind and aims to make veggies exciting, while keeping meal prep low stress!

What’s included in the Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan

1.  Meal Plan

You’ll receive a beautiful downloadable PDF that includes a 10-day meal plan, tips and tricks, a guide to seasonal fruits and vegetables, and shopping list.

Each day of the plan includes an easy veggie-loaded breakfast, lunch and dinner with suggested sides.

A blank meal plan template is also included so that you can adjust and arrange the meal plan to fit your unique life.

View the PDF on any device, or print it out to hang on the fridge or take with you to the store.

2. Recipes

You’ll also receive the downloadable, printable, recipe PDF including 22 recipes total, 15 of my blog’s best, tried-and-true, family-friendly veggie-loaded recipes + 7 meal plan EXCLUSIVE recipes not available on my site.

Organized by meal, the Spring Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan includes a key on each recipe denoting which meals are freezer friendly, work well as leftovers, and can be prepped ahead. Many recipe also includes Time Saving Hacks as well as Suggested Adaptations to help you make the recipes work for your family.

3. Shopping list

Finally, you’ll receive a printable shopping list of everything needed to make the recipes in the Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan.

Organized by where to find each item in most grocery stores, this list will help simplify your family’s food shopping.

There is also room for you to customize the shopping list, making it easy for you to add your favorite foods that your family enjoys week in and week out that might not be on the meal plan.

The Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan is perfect for you if you want:

  • To get more veggies into your family’s diet in lots of creative, varying ways
  • To help your family create a positive relationship with food, especially vegetables
  • To take the stress out of meal time
  • To take the effort out of meal planning
  • To feed your family delicious, real food
  • To create home-cooked meals that don’t take a ton of time
  • To have healthy leftovers on hand for busy days

Will the Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan recipes work for your family’s needs?

The Veggie-Loaded Meal Plan recipes:

  • focus on using vegetables that are in season to get the most nutrition out of your food and save you money
  • can be made with simple, easy-to-find to ingredients
  • require no fancy kitchen gear beyond a blender
  • are naturally gluten-free or can easily be made gluten free
  • are naturally nut-free or can be made nut-free by subbing in sunflower seed butter
  • are naturally refined sugar-free
  • are naturally soy-free or can be made soy-free
  • include 15 recipes that are/can be made vegetarian (see suggested adaptations on recipes)
  • include 11 recipes that are/can be made vegan (see suggested adaptations on recipes)
  • include 20 recipes that are/can be made dairy-free (see suggested adaptations on recipes)
  • include 20 recipes that are/can be made egg-free (see suggested adaptations on recipes)